Love & Marriage…

Like most of the best ideas, they start with a question…….”do you think you’d be able to do a wedding invitation made out of a 45 vinyl record?”, errmmmmmmmmmmmmm leave it with us……

As we always like a challenge, we set about thinking about how to go about it. After a bit of thought and realisation that a lot of our weekends would forever be taken up with scouring second-hand shops and Ebay looking for bulk amounts of vinyl, we understood why you often find card imitation vinyl wedding invitations or you don’t find them at all.

We didn’t want to compromise on the feel and quality of the invitation, as the whole point of choosing this theme, is to send a clear message to your future guests that you are A) cool and B) love music! So with this in mind, let me present our cool, music loving ‘vinyl’ invitations:

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We know……awesome right?! At a quick glance they look like any ordinary vinyl record but on closer inspection your guests will realise that it’s actually your invitation. The label depicts the basic important information, your names and the date that will be known as your awesome big day. The packaging is cleverly designed to look like the track listing, when in fact it is the listing information all about your wedding day.



They also hide a little secret. You can load these little babies with all the information your guests will require to attend your day, making the extra inserts of invitations, redundant. Pop your ‘vinyl’ in a computer or laptop and you will be able to open a styled page showing all the information required. your guests can even open and print their own RSVP to send back to you.


You’ll be able to get your filthy mitts on these invitations and give them a good hands on feel, if you come to say ‘HI’ to us as one of our autumn fayres. Check our events page for venues and information.

Now, who’s going to hunt out their old turn table??