Cut grass and sunshine….

…can only mean one thing. Summer is on its way! And we all know what that means, WEDDING SEASON, yay!
It would seem from my latest posts, that our little blog is becoming more of a ‘weather watch’ than a space for awesome stationery. Let’s fix that……BOOM!

Lace concertina

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that would be some awesome stationery. This is one of our latest bespoke designs which showcases a lace illustration. We’ve shown this design at some of our recent bride meetings and guess what? It’s really popular! Not just the illustrative design but the fold too. We’ve already got orders on the books for the super practical concertina fold.

No inserts, perfect hand held size when folded (A6) and a ‘wow’ moment for your guests when they open them.

Want to see more stationery? BOOM!

Boarding pass

Destination wedding? Tear-able RSVP’s? Boarding pass style? Yes. Yes and YES! Our boarding pass invitations can be personalised like all of our designs. If you’d like them to look like an actual boarding pass, your wish is our command.



Hello Lego people! More to the point, hello ridiculously ‘too cool for skool’ Lego people. Here bestowed upon you is a cracking example of somebody who went, “hello Be Our Guest Designs illustrator people. We would like a design for our invitations that is so personal to us that we won’t be able to find it anywhere. Can you help us pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ya huh! And here is the evidence that anything is possible. How. Cool. Is. Their. Design?

None of these bespoke designs are possible without a seed of an idea from our lovely couples who are looking for something special. All it takes to start the process is a little ‘Hello’.

BOOM!……..just kidding, I’ll save the rest for another day 😉