Farewell happy January…

Guess what?! We’ve only gone and opened an actual on-line store!

But before we get to the nitty gritty, first off, you may have noticed that our last post was drizzled with tinsel. Christmas is a far distant happy memory and if we are honest with you guys, we have no idea where January went.

They say that January is dull and depressing and is the home of ‘Blue Monday’. This Monday is meant to be dreary and depressing as the Christmas credit card bills hit the door mat and the month is full of long, dark nights with nothing to look forward to apart from the anticipation that it may snow……..then for the population to moan after one week that they want the white stuff to disappear.

Now, if you follow our ramblings and our Pinterest board, you would know that Hannah and I are quite partial to the winter months and we LOVE the snow, even after a week, dang it, even after two! We never get bored of the icy carpet. The only thing that depressed us from January 2014, was that there wasn’t any snow. We’ve keeping our fingers crossed on that front.

You may ask why we never fell under January’s spell and this brings me to the point of this post. We didn’t have time to. We couldn’t believe the influx of requests from fresh faced couples that were ready to hit the ground running with planning their weddings. Hannah’s illustrating pad hasn’t stopped and your feedback has been immense. This is where I would normally add an image of what we’ve been up to but we can’t spoil the surprise for our couples, so here’s a cute picture of one of our mascots 🙂


This is the first chance I’ve had to put fingers to keypad and update the blog. It wasn’t a good look being greeted by some reindeer when the fat man had been and gone for over a month.

The other reason we have been indulged with lots of drawing time is that we’ve took the leap and opened an on-line store. Here you can purchase a sample at the click of button and have custom orders created just for you. Taking this step has been a milestone for us and we’re super happy with the amount of custom requests we have received. Etsy is a fabulous marketplace that showcases amazing suppliers and their hand-made talents. If you are planning your wedding, you will be so over run with ideas and things that you HAVE to have, that you won’t even realise you needed them for your big day. So in advance, we apologise for the hit your bank balance is about to take. I’m sorry to say that even after the event is over, you’ll still be visiting for that perfect gift or ‘never before seen’ item for your abode.  So pop over and take a look…….you’re welcome 😉


So in a nutshell, we’ve got a shop *woo!* and we’re uber excited by how many of you guys have asked us to help you with putting your wedding ideas down on paper.

Hopefully in my next post I’ll be able to share some of these designs. We are always amazed at the styles, ideas and themes that get thrown our way. You guys plan AWESOME wedding days. Keep up the good work.

Over and out,