Going all profesh…

Now I know I said in previous posts that we would steer away from making this a weather blog BUT, I’m sorry! Have you not seen the big ball in the sky? We’ve only gone and pulled it off, old blighty is having an ACTUAL sunny summer. High five us 🙂

So, weather chat out of the way, let’s move on to business…..as that’s what we are, we can’t believe it ourselves sometimes. Sometimes it feels like we’re playing ‘shop’, like when you were kids. “Hello, this is Be Our Guest Designs, we sell wedding stationery and we have real life clients”, oh no wait, this isn’t playing, we really do do this for grown up real! And that’s all down to you guys. Which we can’t thank you for enough. Taking our new found grown up status into account, we thought it was about time to ditch the ‘we didn’t really know what we were doing a couple of years ago when we set up our on-line presence’ email address and get a spanking new profesh one. So now we’ve got a more streamlined and professional contact email address which is:


We hope you agree that this is far easier to remember. Our old email contact still works and we will get your emails but all replies will come from the above.

We’ve had a bit of a blank out on the social media front for a while, this being because the admin side of Be Our Guest (i.e. me!) went and selfishly moved house. This for me is awesome……for internet based services….this is ruddy rubbish! How annoying is it to have to move your providers, set up new ones and you just KNOW that it never works first time. I’ve spent the first few weeks in our new home, on the phone to our internet provider for about a million hours every evening. But, as you can probably tell from this post, “we now have the power!” Woop! Quick, cross your fingers so  it’s not jinxed. What did we actually do before we had the internet? It screws my noodle??

But anywhos, myself and the boy are now all set up and settled in to the new abode, so Hannah can now have her tech support back on hand.



If you follow our Facebook page, you probably would have already met our newest additions, Mr & Mrs Mousington. But if you haven’t, your day is about to improve dramatically!

Mouse invite


The Mousingtons have been added to our ‘Off the Peg’ range on our website. They’ve been made to feel at home by the rest of our little pals and seem to be settling in nicely. As always, they don’t mind being altered to suit your day. Will the new Mrs be holding a rose bouquet? Perhaps the new Mr doesn’t like blue and has more of a penchant for pink? Don’t pull that face, it could happen!

I’m off now to pop my feet up on the new coffee table and indulge in some Pinterest décor. Bliss!