Going all profesh…

Now I know I said in previous posts that we would steer away from making this a weather blog BUT, I’m sorry! Have you not seen the big ball in the sky? We’ve only gone and pulled it off, old blighty is having an ACTUAL sunny summer. High five us 🙂

So, weather chat out of the way, let’s move on to business…..as that’s what we are, we can’t believe it ourselves sometimes. Sometimes it feels like we’re playing ‘shop’, like when you were kids. “Hello, this is Be Our Guest Designs, we sell wedding stationery and we have real life clients”, oh no wait, this isn’t playing, we really do do this for grown up real! And that’s all down to you guys. Which we can’t thank you for enough. Taking our new found grown up status into account, we thought it was about time to ditch the ‘we didn’t really know what we were doing a couple of years ago when we set up our on-line presence’ email address and get a spanking new profesh one. So now we’ve got a more streamlined and professional contact email address which is:


We hope you agree that this is far easier to remember. Our old email contact still works and we will get your emails but all replies will come from the above.

We’ve had a bit of a blank out on the social media front for a while, this being because the admin side of Be Our Guest (i.e. me!) went and selfishly moved house. This for me is awesome……for internet based services….this is ruddy rubbish! How annoying is it to have to move your providers, set up new ones and you just KNOW that it never works first time. I’ve spent the first few weeks in our new home, on the phone to our internet provider for about a million hours every evening. But, as you can probably tell from this post, “we now have the power!” Woop! Quick, cross your fingers so  it’s not jinxed. What did we actually do before we had the internet? It screws my noodle??

But anywhos, myself and the boy are now all set up and settled in to the new abode, so Hannah can now have her tech support back on hand.



If you follow our Facebook page, you probably would have already met our newest additions, Mr & Mrs Mousington. But if you haven’t, your day is about to improve dramatically!

Mouse invite


The Mousingtons have been added to our ‘Off the Peg’ range on our website. They’ve been made to feel at home by the rest of our little pals and seem to be settling in nicely. As always, they don’t mind being altered to suit your day. Will the new Mrs be holding a rose bouquet? Perhaps the new Mr doesn’t like blue and has more of a penchant for pink? Don’t pull that face, it could happen!

I’m off now to pop my feet up on the new coffee table and indulge in some Pinterest décor. Bliss!


“Christmas doesn’t come from a store……..

………..maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more ”

I love the sentiment of Dr Suess’s quote from ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’, as we love Christmas at Be Our Guest HQ. Not just love but LOVES!

The smell of the Christmas tree (well, in one of the Be Our Guest homes, we’re 50-50 on the ‘real/fake’ debate. I love a real tree and wouldn’t be without one, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell Hannah!), the twinkling lights on the drive home, the bits of ribbon and tags floating around the house, the communal chocolates in the office, the first sip of your tipple of choice when you close down for the festivities and the cold, dark nights. We have to admit, we’re both winter babies and love the cosiness of winter, snuggled up on the sofa in just the shadow of your tree lights, with a hot chocolate in hand. But most important, MOST importantly, we love the family get together. It’s not often you get everybody together and if you’re lucky, you might get a game of treasure hunt or charades 🙂

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we’re taking a little break so we can whole heartedly enjoy the festivities. We pinky promise that we’ll tie up any loose ends before we wave goodbye on December 21st and we’ll be back on it with bells on, on January 2nd. So we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fabulous Merry Christmas. We hope you all have a suitably drunken time* and enjoy every minute!


*Jessica and Hannah don’t condone excessive drinking and would like remind everybody to drink sensibly 😉


New designs…..

Our designer Hannah has been a very busy bee and has illustrated a couple of new designs. I love them!

As you know from one of our previous designs “Don’t forget your passport…”, we love any excuse to crowbar a hot balloon into a design, and what a better way than a ruddy big fat one as the main feature. “Up, up and away” can be found in our ‘Off the peg’ ranges and can feature our newly added save the date magnets.


This is an elegant, pretty but fun design and can be altered to suit any colour theme.

If you’re after a more colourful way to include some sort of air filled transport into your wedding invitations……..then how about “Pop!”. This design can also be found in our ‘off the peg’ range and also can include our save the date magnets.

Colourful balloon wedding stationery

As with all of our designs, the final outcome is your decision. If you’d like to change part of the design, please get in touch with us at beourguestdesigns@gmail.com to let us know your ideas.

We hope you like the new additions as much as we do xx

Happy anniversary…

It’s nice when we get contacted by somebody that would like us to create something that’s a little different to actual wedding day stationery.

It was lovely to be asked to design place names for a 15th wedding anniversary dinner. What a great thing to celebrate! We combined the place names with the menu, so every guest had their very own keepsake on their side plate.

15 years is the crystal celebration, so we included little crystals between the courses as a nod to this celebration. We hope everybody had a lovely time and we got very jealous and hungry while making these place cards…….great menu options!



Websites, wedding fayres & wonderful people…

So last week was a busy old week. We had websites, wedding events and wonderful people. First on the agenda was ‘websites’. We were superly, duperly happy to launch our new site.


Little old us have got a proper website. Needless to say we’re a bit happy about it and we hope you like it too.

Secondly, we went to our first ever wedding fayre……or is it ‘fair’, we still don’t know the answer to this but I’m sticking with ‘fayre’ as I think it looks fancier 🙂 We met actual proper brides and some grooms too. OK, so it was mostly brides with maids and moms but still awesome! * Tip for any grooms reading this……..go to at least one fayre, you’ll win heaps loads of brownie points!

Everybody was so lovely and we enjoyed every minute of it. It was great to meet so many wonderful people and quite a few had some awesome ideas that we can’t wait to be a part of. We also had some great feedback from our fellow suppliers which made us feel all proud and warm and fuzzy inside. The wedding industry is such a lovely, supportive environment. We hope we can pass this on to any future couples that we work with.

Here’s a cheeky little snippet of our stall and us being embarrassingly geeky behind it: