Errrrr, OK……where did the last 6 months go???

  1. 1.
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  1. 1.
    add new material to or regularly update a blog.
    “it’s about a week since I last blogged”

As you can see from the above, you may have been led to believe that a Blog is a regularly updated bit of webspace, with somebody’s ramblings. Well my dear reader…… have been misled! Because as you can see from our Blog, it’s actually a webpage that is updated once every 6 months………so there!

OK…….hands held high, you’ve got me! I’m rubbish! But in my defence, we’re that busy and then Christmas happened and before I knew it I was saying to Hannah, “oh, I’ll have to do a Blog post about our ordering times as it’s January, our busiest time, to let people know our time scales. It must be a month or so since I did one”……..6 months people!!! SIX. MONTHS! Is it just me, or did 2014 just disappear??

I haven’t even told you guys about ‘Chalk & Cheese’, our blackboard inspired invitation range, that, let’s face it, is another awesome new design, put together by the talented Hannah, see……..

chalk collection

Now I know you know this already but I’ll say it anyway. As with all of our designs, all colours and wording can be altered to suit your wedding day and theme. Good huh?!

The other reason I wanted to pop by today is to just have a chat about our ordering schedule and time scales. The beginning of the year is always our busiest time, Christmas is over and couples then crack on with wedding planning. We get an influx, we love it but it does break our heart when couples expected time scales are out of our reach.

All of our stationery is designed and put together by the wonderful Hannah, she’s a one man, talented band! This is why we have a ten day design rule. Any changes, drafts and wording, can take up to ten days, depending on workload. Even if you love your draft design and just want some wording changes, this goes back into the pending work folder and can take another ten days. It’s worth it though, to get everything perfect, promise.

Then, when you’re happy with your fabulous perfect design, it goes to the production side. We do not out source our printing, we do everything ourselves, to ensure a finish that we and our couples are happy with. Then together, myself and Hannah, get our make on and we lovingly hand craft your stationery, as if it were our own. We quote a four week production schedule, once your design is signed off and printing has started. In busy periods, it usually is four weeks.

We always hate it when couple’s deadlines are out of our constraints. As a rule of thumb, it is never to early to start thinking about your wedding stationery. We would advise, that you would start the process and contact us, at least two months before the date that you would like to send them out to your fabulous guests. For example, our tightest time scale at the moment, for invitations that would be sent at the beginning of April, for perhaps an August wedding, would be now, or at least the beginning of February.

So in short:

  • Initial contact
  • Design work, ten days (every time it comes back for alteration)
  • Production from agreed design, four weeks
  • Receive amazingly, brilliant invitations!

Now I know it will take some time but I hope you will find it within your hearts to forgive me, for leaving it so long since my last update. I promise I will try harder to pop back and see you all more often…..and you never know, I might have some awesome bespoke designs to share with you 😉

Have an awesome weekend guys!

Going all profesh…

Now I know I said in previous posts that we would steer away from making this a weather blog BUT, I’m sorry! Have you not seen the big ball in the sky? We’ve only gone and pulled it off, old blighty is having an ACTUAL sunny summer. High five us 🙂

So, weather chat out of the way, let’s move on to business… that’s what we are, we can’t believe it ourselves sometimes. Sometimes it feels like we’re playing ‘shop’, like when you were kids. “Hello, this is Be Our Guest Designs, we sell wedding stationery and we have real life clients”, oh no wait, this isn’t playing, we really do do this for grown up real! And that’s all down to you guys. Which we can’t thank you for enough. Taking our new found grown up status into account, we thought it was about time to ditch the ‘we didn’t really know what we were doing a couple of years ago when we set up our on-line presence’ email address and get a spanking new profesh one. So now we’ve got a more streamlined and professional contact email address which is:

We hope you agree that this is far easier to remember. Our old email contact still works and we will get your emails but all replies will come from the above.

We’ve had a bit of a blank out on the social media front for a while, this being because the admin side of Be Our Guest (i.e. me!) went and selfishly moved house. This for me is awesome……for internet based services….this is ruddy rubbish! How annoying is it to have to move your providers, set up new ones and you just KNOW that it never works first time. I’ve spent the first few weeks in our new home, on the phone to our internet provider for about a million hours every evening. But, as you can probably tell from this post, “we now have the power!” Woop! Quick, cross your fingers so  it’s not jinxed. What did we actually do before we had the internet? It screws my noodle??

But anywhos, myself and the boy are now all set up and settled in to the new abode, so Hannah can now have her tech support back on hand.



If you follow our Facebook page, you probably would have already met our newest additions, Mr & Mrs Mousington. But if you haven’t, your day is about to improve dramatically!

Mouse invite


The Mousingtons have been added to our ‘Off the Peg’ range on our website. They’ve been made to feel at home by the rest of our little pals and seem to be settling in nicely. As always, they don’t mind being altered to suit your day. Will the new Mrs be holding a rose bouquet? Perhaps the new Mr doesn’t like blue and has more of a penchant for pink? Don’t pull that face, it could happen!

I’m off now to pop my feet up on the new coffee table and indulge in some Pinterest décor. Bliss!


Love & Marriage…

Like most of the best ideas, they start with a question…….”do you think you’d be able to do a wedding invitation made out of a 45 vinyl record?”, errmmmmmmmmmmmmm leave it with us……

As we always like a challenge, we set about thinking about how to go about it. After a bit of thought and realisation that a lot of our weekends would forever be taken up with scouring second-hand shops and Ebay looking for bulk amounts of vinyl, we understood why you often find card imitation vinyl wedding invitations or you don’t find them at all.

We didn’t want to compromise on the feel and quality of the invitation, as the whole point of choosing this theme, is to send a clear message to your future guests that you are A) cool and B) love music! So with this in mind, let me present our cool, music loving ‘vinyl’ invitations:

collection (13)

We know……awesome right?! At a quick glance they look like any ordinary vinyl record but on closer inspection your guests will realise that it’s actually your invitation. The label depicts the basic important information, your names and the date that will be known as your awesome big day. The packaging is cleverly designed to look like the track listing, when in fact it is the listing information all about your wedding day.



They also hide a little secret. You can load these little babies with all the information your guests will require to attend your day, making the extra inserts of invitations, redundant. Pop your ‘vinyl’ in a computer or laptop and you will be able to open a styled page showing all the information required. your guests can even open and print their own RSVP to send back to you.


You’ll be able to get your filthy mitts on these invitations and give them a good hands on feel, if you come to say ‘HI’ to us as one of our autumn fayres. Check our events page for venues and information.

Now, who’s going to hunt out their old turn table??

Hop hop hooray…

“Do the bunny hop…..hop, hop, hop”

Do you think if you chose to send out our new stationery suite as your wedding invitations, the little long eared fellas would inspire an impromptu group dance of the ‘Bunny hop’ at your wedding reception, High School Musical styley?? If there is an inkling of this happening, can we come?!

Two things that seem to be a favourite on wedding paper goodies. Number One, hot air balloons, as we’ve already established on many a previous post. They’re big, floaty, colourful and have an air (pun intended) of mystery, what’s not to like? Number two, bicycles. Your standard bike, a cheeky tricycle but best of all a tandem 🙂

collection (5)

invite (3)

Actually, if said Bunny Hop wedding also includes a tandem bike ride, off into the sunset, with ‘just married’ retro cans rattling behind the bride and groom, it is a mandatory requirement that on choosing to hire us, that we attend your wedding*

rsvp (3)

If a yellow colour scheme isn’t your cup of tea, our little furry friends design can be altered to suit your awesome day. As with all our designs, colour scheme and wording can be altered at no extra design cost and adds the personal touch to your stationery. We’ve also included our very popular magnet save the dates with this showcase but you can choose to use any of our invite styles, including our Bunting save the dates.


Well, as a very famous rabbit once said, “that’s all folks!” Or was that Porky Pig??? Anywho, I can’t think of another famous rabbit saying, so I’m running with it!

*Please note that if you do so kindly ask us to help with any of your wedding stationery needs, we will not under any circumstances gate crash your wedding…….promise 🙂

Fruit Salad…

Nostalgia is awesome! Looking back to the past, highlights what great things it has provided us with. It brings you great bits of discarded furniture, no longer wanted by somebody but restored, it’s loved by somebody else. Also, all the best bands are from yesteryear (in my opinion ;)). How many weddings now feature vintage china and rustic elements? Lots……because its awesome. But one of the best bits of ye’ oldie times, I have to admit, by far is…….RETRO SWEETS!

Now here comes the pop quiz. Can you guess which retro sweet influenced our new range? *Please don’t let the title of this post sway your answer. A flying saucer? A gobstopper? A giant cola bottle? A bag of Fizz Whizz or maybe a Sherbet Dip Dab? Ok, you’ve got me, we all know it’s none of the above but it’s a great excuse to lust after one of your favourite guilty pleasures. So, my little sweet lovers, who’s favourite was the ever colourful Fruit Salad? Arrr, the memories of holding your paper bag full of your 20p worth and nearly losing a tooth chomping your way through them. No? Just me then 😳

collection (9)

‘Fruit salad’s’ colourful print and quirky fonts create a relaxed but fun first impression of your day. As we love the funness of this range, we’ve used it to debut our new Save the Date bunting invite. Instead of just sending a postcard, why not make your first contact with your future guests, interactive?

A small envelope is mounted onto card, but hidden inside the envelope is the secret of the date of your big day of fun, until your guests pull on the string to reveal a cute row of bunting.



We’re rolling these little beauts out to all of our ranges and they start from £3 an invite.

We hope you like them 🙂

New designs…..

Our designer Hannah has been a very busy bee and has illustrated a couple of new designs. I love them!

As you know from one of our previous designs “Don’t forget your passport…”, we love any excuse to crowbar a hot balloon into a design, and what a better way than a ruddy big fat one as the main feature. “Up, up and away” can be found in our ‘Off the peg’ ranges and can feature our newly added save the date magnets.


This is an elegant, pretty but fun design and can be altered to suit any colour theme.

If you’re after a more colourful way to include some sort of air filled transport into your wedding invitations……..then how about “Pop!”. This design can also be found in our ‘off the peg’ range and also can include our save the date magnets.

Colourful balloon wedding stationery

As with all of our designs, the final outcome is your decision. If you’d like to change part of the design, please get in touch with us at to let us know your ideas.

We hope you like the new additions as much as we do xx

More badges galore….

And here they are! The promised extra photos of the badges range……do you think I could get away with wearing ‘The ACTUAL bride’ badge in every day life? No? *sulks*

New range…..exciiiiiiiiited!

For crafty and designer types, one of the most exciting things EVER is finding new tools and gadgets of the trade.

Hannah and I were lucky enough to have an exciting parcel in the post this week and Hannah hasn’t stopped playing with it! “stop using all the stock Hannah!!”………………….I don’t blame her though, tis fun 🙂

So, I hear you ask, what is this amazing new tool we’ve got and what is it creating?? Well, we’re now able to offer magnets, badges and keyrings. What ever may take your fancy.

These make simple and effective Save the dates as magnets, or maybe you’d like to combine your place names with your favours? Give all of your guests their very own name badge. You could also supply quirky, fun badges as favours, leave them dotted around your venue, they could be a conversation starter. If I had my time again, I’d definitely be rocking a “The actual bride” badge 🙂

fox vintage

I wanna Rock…

This gallery contains 4 photos.

In the words of Twisted Sister………….”I wanna Rock!” Our latest addition to the ‘off the peg’ ranges is being celebrated with hand aloft, rock horn waving, head banging appreciation. Rock range can be as subtle or as ROCK as you … Continue reading