An actual reason for our tardiness…


Tis’ me, the part-time blogger……..and now ‘Mommy’. Yup, that’s what has happened since our last update:

I got fat. See example 1A:


then gave birth to an ACTUAL human! The newest member of the Be Our Guest team, Dougie! See example 2B:


But never fear my Padawan learners, I am still totally obsessed with weddings and haven’t diverted my attention towards baby blogs and the like. If I’m honest, I find all the stereotypical baby shiz, all a bit vomit inducing. The frilly, cutesy. ‘ooooo, lets all use words shorter than the real word and repeat it twice because the baby will understand me then’ type stuff. Why can’t we talk to our little smurf’s like a normal person? Why do people use words like, ‘neigh neigh’? It’s a horse! A HORSE! You are actually using an extra syllable to describe something very simple, dag nab it!

But anyway, I digress……

So yeah, I am somebody’s Mom now. Very strange but totally awesome too. I took a bit of a break from stationery to get my head around things and to learn how to look after him (thank god for the husband’s 5 week paternity!) but I now feel I know how to not drop him, feed him when he’s hungry and entertain him. We’re quite accomplished at all the above now 🙂

Orginally I was only going to abandon Hannah for a couple of weeks. Our conversation went something like this:

Me (at 8 months pregnant): “I think I might have to duck out of the stationery world a bit earlier than planned as I’m getting a bit snowed under” FYI, there was no cot built and this didn’t happen until 1AM of the day we went into hospital….oops!

Hannah: “yea, that’s totally fine, you should be chilling out now”

Me: “awwwww thanks friend, don’t worry, I think I’ll only need a couple of weeks after they’re born and I’ll be back with you”

Hannah: “Phahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Me: “No seriously, I reckon I can pick the admin back up after a couple of weeks”

Jess returns when Dougie is 6 weeks old. What do we learn from this? Hannah is always right and it takes time for your body to get over birthing a person.

So normal service has now resumed and I promise I can have a conversation with out mentioning Dougie’s bowel movements or how many ounces he drinks 😉

A special mention has got to go out to another Mommy, of the Hannah’s kind. We’re very lucky to have such supportive families and we couldn’t have got through Dougie-gate without your priceless assistance. So, Thank you!


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