Bust a move….

“Dancing to electro pop like a robot from 1984!”

How cute can a robot be, you ask?? The answer……………..? VERY! How cute are these two little mechanical love birds?

What is it about putting a face on an inanimate object that makes it seem like it’s got it’s own little personality and makes you want to take it home? I’m afflicted with this condition, I think it should have a name, something like ‘pseudosis’, then I wouldn’t feel so weird.

The point of the story is, if I was a recipient of this stationery suite, I would never be able to bin it. Could you imagine their cute little faces staring up at you from the bottom of the bin, “please don’t bin me”……..so, if you want to guilt trip your wedding guests into keeping your invitations as a keepsake FOREVER, use ‘bust a move’. I’m sure the little mechanical dudes will appreciate it 😉

DSCF24502_web DSCF24672_web DSCF24562_web std nameplace1 nameplace2


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