The start of 2013!

“Happy New Year!” Are you bored of hearing that yet………………..? I suppose the outcome to that question is how you view the statement. It used to just be the standard greeting that I’d say in the first week of January and by the end of the week I’d find myself rolling my eyes on hearing it. BUT…….this year is different! “Happy New Year” puts a smile on my face. Do you want to know the reason?

Well, I’ll tell you. “Happy New Year!”, “why thank you my friend, as yes, yes it is a happy new year. It’s a new year for meeting lots of new bride and grooms, it’s a year of new designs, it’s a year of exciting opportunities, new paths to take that we don’t know where they will lead and the first fully operational year of Be Our Guest Designs as a bonafide business!”………………….I know what you’re thinking, I bet they wished they hadn’t spoken to me 😉

Maybe my new ‘I’m a mental person, don’t talk to me persona’ about new year is because we already feel it’s started with a bang. We, yes us, yes that’s right, Be Our Guest Designs have only gone and got a mention in an actual bridal magazine! The lovely peeps over at Wedding Ideas have launched a Real Brides supplement and one of our bride’s (who am I kidding, me! little old Jessica of Be Our Guest Designs!) wedding is one of their ten featured days*. Myself and my brand spanking new husband, Luke are totally giddy about it but what’s even better, is that Be Our Guest get a supplier mention and it’s an 8 page spread! We hope that this is a sign of things to come in 2013 and we couldn’t have hoped for a better start.

Myself and Hannah have a tinge of excitement building inside, to see what 2013 will hold, we hope that you guys will come along for the ride x


*images within the magazine, courtesy of the amazing Albert Palmer photography

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