Don’t forget your passport……..

Destination weddings; cool, exciting, a bit different and a holiday for your guests! One of my favourite things about a wedding is the first glimpse of the invitation, it gives you sense of what’s to come. Maybe a hint of a theme, a colour palette or a nod to how traditional the day might be?

So with that in mind, Hannah’s designed a travel range! What better way to let your guests know that they have to pack their travel bag, other than as soon as they open the envelope?? As with all of our ranges, ‘Don’t forget your passport’ can be personalised to suit your day.

Also, we have to be honest with you guys, this range was also just kind of an excuse to crowbar a hot air balloon into one of our designs, as they’re just so freaking awesome!

One thought on “Don’t forget your passport……..

  1. Unbelievably stylish,sophisticated, cutting edge design and such detail in every aspect! This well-travelled look will go far to impress your guests who will want to keep this stationery as a memento of your special day for years to come.

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